Contact Information
MCRD, Parris Island HR Office:
Building 202, 2nd Floor
Tel: 843-228-1656, 843-228-1657
or 843-228-1658
Fax: 843-228-3856

Laurel Bay HR Office:
Building 1617
Tel: 843-846-4291
Fax: 843-846-4271

Hours of Operation
MCRD Parris Island
Monday through Friday 0730 - 1600
Saturday & Sunday Closed
Laurel Bay
Monday through Friday 0730 - 1600
Saturday & Sunday Closed

MCCS Civilian Careers
Job Vacancy Announcements
Information and/or positions available may be subject to change without notice.
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Internet Access to PeopleSoft is designed for Employee use in accordance with local command guidance and policies.
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PeopleSoft Recruiting is an advanced applicant tracking system designed to expedite the hiring process. If features intuitive, easy to use pages for employees and external candidates to search, view and apply for jobs online.
Above are some of the wonderful new employees that have joined the Marine Corps Community Services (MCCS) team.

Human Resources News
Petition For Consolidation
Marine Corps Community Services is petitioning for consolidation of nine (9) non-appropriated fund (NAF) bargaining units exclusively represented by the American Federation of Government Employees (AFGE). The approximately 5600 non-appropriated employees in the affected bargaining units are employees of MCCS and the Billeting Fund. As these employees perform common functions and duties; work within the same general organizational structure and in facilities operated by MCCS and the Billeting Fund; are subject to the same chain of command (MCCS); share the same general working conditions; are governed by the same NAF personnel and LMR policies; are serviced by the same personnel office (MCCS Headquarters through the local NAF HROs); and share the same pay system (which are different and separate from the Appropriated Fund Systems) there is a community of interest among these employees.

Below is a summary of the purpose of the petition: The MCCS mission is to oversee, plan, direct, coordinate, and execute Marine and Family Programs; to communicate, advocate and educate Marine and Families on accessible services and points of availability; and, to provide capabilities to operational commanders that support individual and unit readiness. To support that, MCCS is undergoing a major transformation to provide service to marines and their families as efficiently and cost effectively as possible, with a goal of maximizing use of resources, including human resources. This includes: (1) regionalization and centralization where possible (logistics, purchasing); (2) use of workforce shaping techniques; (3) use of standardized staffing patterns and position descriptions where appropriate; (4) clear definition of the qualifications and skills of the workforce to better meet the needs of the Agency now and in the future; (5) improved labor/management relations; (6) better and more available employee training: (7) strategic use of contracting authorities; (8)strategic use of cutting edge technologies: (9) and, better policy enforcement among other efforts to improve customer service. All of these efforts are being initiated and overseen by Headquarters, MCCS. The myriad program changes being made as described in paragraph 2, will require a stronger LMR program, with consistency across the enterprise for both negotiations and LMR advice and guidance. Local negotiations cannot support this consistency. The link below is the official NOTICE TO EMPLOYEES that is available on our employee bulletin board.
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Do you have the Qualifications to be a MCCS Supervisor?
A supervisor should have the following 3 major qualifications. 1. Leadership Skills – Understand the proper way to encourage and motivate employees. 2. Activity Knowledge – Knowledge of the process and functions of the activity. 3. MCCS Knowledge – Knowledge about our services and what is new with MCCS.
Quote of the Week
Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm – Winston Churchill.
Coming Soon – Training Classes with the Technical College of the Lowcountry
We are presently working with TLC to develop 2 hour leadership classes, one day a week for six weeks. One series will be for supervisor/managers and the other series will be for potential leaders from our staff. Due to the limited number of openings, attendance will be by invitation only. Will keep you advise as the agenda is finalized.
Did You Know MCCS Matches Your Contributions To The 401K Plan?
If you are not enrolled in the 401(k) plan you are missing out on “FREE MONEY”. Below is the matching chart.

If actively enrolled in 401(k) & Retirement Plan 1% incentive employer contribution plus:
1 percent of gross pay. 1 percent of gross pay.
2 percent of gross pay. 2 percent of gross pay.
3 percent of gross pay. 3 percent of gross pay.
4 percent of gross pay. 3.5 percent of gross pay.
5+ percent of gross pay. 4 percent of gross pay.

MCCS currently has a three years vesting schedule. In other words, the employer match becomes yours after three years of participation.
What is a Reassignment?
A reassignment is a permanent change of position. The employee is reassigned from one position to another at the same grade. Employee will sign a copy of the new position description and the action will be entered in people soft. Pay adjustment will only occur if the new position is in a different tier or sub-band of the same grade.
Reminder - Unauthorized Uses of NAFI Owned and Leased Vehicles
Marine Corps Order 4651.4 Change 1 mandates a 30 day suspension without pay for any willful misuse of a government vehicle by a civilian employee. Unauthorized vehicle use includes any of the following:
a. Conducting personal business or the personal use by an employee of a NAFI.
b. Transporting employees to and from their place of personal residence.
c. Traveling to and from or stopping at eating establishments, commercial retail business, or recreational facilities whether on or off the installation, unless specifically required as part of official duties, such as an MCCS supervisor inspecting the Marine Mart, or if authorized while on official travel orders.
d. Will not use intoxicants, tobacco products, a personal digital assistant (PDA) , or communication devices, such as a cell phone, Smartphone, or BlackBerry while operating the vehicle.
e. Family members or other unofficial passengers may not use or be trsnported by NAF vehicles, unless they are passengers participating in an MCCS sponsored event or activity.

Employee News
New Hires


Erin Greene, Food Court PI
Nicholas Todd, Food Court PI
Ann Hunter, LB Seven Day Store
Krista Hoff, Main Store MCAS
Marenna Robinson, Main Store MCAS
Natalia Reece, Main Store MCAS
Shaquiella Holmes, Main Store PI
Javasia Brown, Main Store PI
Ceira Miller, Main Store PI
Makayla Bing, Main Store PI
Carrolynn Willis, Main Store PI
Sean Kearns, Traditions PI
Length of Service


5 Years
Romona Coleman, Child Development Center PI
Lisa Clay, Child Development Center PI
Clare Drago, Human Resources
Kimberly Corbin, Main Store PI

10 Years
Gloria Green, Child Development Center MCAS
Sandy Washington, Main Store MCAS
Valerie Buergey, Recruit Sales PI

15 Years
Patricia Moore, Child Development Center MCAS


5 Years
Donna Humphreys, Library MCAS
Elaine Shepherd, Main Store PI
Wilhemina Smalls, Main Store PI

10 Years
Quanisha Bonds, Child Development Center MCAS
Carolyn Teague, Fitness Center MCAS
Adynne Dilley, Food Court PI
Michael Raggett, Traditions PI

15 Years
Audra Smith, Main Store PI
Melissa Cruz, Youth Sports

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